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Keep a Close Eye on Traffic in Every Way for Lower CPA

Measuring the effectivity of your marketing campaigns is crucial to know for many reasons. First is your investment versus its ROI, using smart analytics and taking action quickly can help reduce your marketing costs and reach your ROI point faster.

Our professional Google Certified professionals can create a detailed look at how your campaigns are performing on multiple channels and platforms. Our metrics and tracking are on another level giving you the same deep insights we have.

Did You Know: BrandSpark also uses these methods with Google AdWords campaigns.

Google Analytics is now more powerful than ever, giving you every conceivable metric based on your website traffic and social media footprints. We can even see how keywords for other companies and your competitors are working, and we utilize this data to improve your on-site search engine optimization as well as your off-site methods.

We can help you with Google Analytics for websites, custom eCommerce analytics and tracking for optimal web store traffic conversions including ecommerce platforms like WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify, OpenCart, and others.

BrandSpark offers a completely different analytics experience than most other agencies. Our reporting covers every aspect of your marketing efforts giving you a better view of the battle field. It takes a lot of experience to be a master with analytics and making the perfect adjustments based on real-time data collected constantly. We look forward to being your analytics experts of choice.

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